Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon Bring Us Together

Together (Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon) – Together

(Roulé; 2000-2002)

Ok, so we’re aware that Daft Punk are House gods, but the robots have produced some tracks individually as well.  Thomas Bangalter, pictured above (yes, there is a human under there), has a side project with DJ Falcon known as Together.  They’ve only released two tracks together, Together and So Much Love to Give. The tracks were released through Thomas’s own record label, Roulé.  The first track, So Much Love to Give, heavily features a sample of Love’s Such a Wonderful Thing by The Real Thing.  I love the sampling culture in house and hip-hop music.  As long as it’s used in a unique and original way, it can really be a lot of fun.  And Thomas Bangalter is one of the best.  And their second track, the self-titled Together, was actually used by Daft Punk during the encore of their Alive 2007 tour.  Together is simple, but tons of fun and really funky.  It’s very similar in many ways to the tracks he produces as Daft Punk.  However, at the same time, there is a very unique flavor to this work. The production is a little simpler and has a little bit more of a disco vibe to it.  I’m going to post three songs today.  So Much Love To Give, Together, and Daft Punk’s encore track that uses Together. Enjoy!


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