Finished Daft Punk Helmet!

So this took me all summer to complete, but it’s finally done!  Halloween (or random car rides) here we come!

Basic process is as follows:

Followed this guide for a while:  The Daft Club – Helmet Guide – Thanks to you!

Note – Stay away from the bondo fiberglass resin.  You want bondo automotive body filler.  The fiberglass resin is practically impossible to sand.

Then after that I roughly followed this guide: Volpin Props – Mold Guide – And thanks to you!

Note – Use lots of registration keys like this guide!  I only used two and I ended up having a lot of trouble getting the mother mold to work properly.

And then once I obtained a decent resin pull, I had to bondo the thing to make sure it was nice and smooth.  Then I used the black gloss base and chrome paint from Alclad II.  It is intended to be sprayed on through an air gun, which unfortunately I don’t have and real chroming is way too expensive for me.  So I painted it on and I really like the brushed look my helmet has.

Finally, the visor.  This was a huge pain in the ass to get to work.  I used a sheet of acrylic I bought at home depot.  Cut it down to size, then melted it down over the grill.  While it was still soft, I formed it to the curve of the visor.  This took about eight tries to get right.  Leave it on the grill too long and it starts to bubble.  Lay it flat on a baking sheet and it melts to the imperfections in the sheet, leaving me with a bunch of marks.  Finally, I rigged the acrylic to two metal clamps and laid that over the grill.  This made sure that the acrylic stayed suspended in mid-air.  Finally!  Then I had to slowly trim it to size.  Then I used car-window tint on the visor.

And, we’re finally done.  I had a lot of fun with this project.  I’m a huge fan of Daft Punk, obviously…and this is about as far as I think I can take this obsession.  All in all, it kept me busy during the summer and I gained a lot of experience.  I learned how to work with a router, bondo car body filler, spot putty, mold-making, resin plastic castings, and more sanding than I care to remember.  Everyone loves robots, so I hope you like it!


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