5 Dance Albums You Need to Hear

These are the five albums, at the moment, that I think everyone needs to listen to.  Don’t forget to follow the links to preview the tracks!

5.  Mylo – Destroy Rock & Roll

Destroy Rock & Roll

Super smooth, and sexy.  Perfect for a lazy afternoon by the pool.

4.  Cassius – 1999


This album is an experience in the artistry of sampling.  This album is meant to be enjoyed from start to finish.  However, if you must I recommend “Feeling for You” and “Foxxy”.

3.  Room 5 – Music and You

Music & You

This album is a perfect example of solid, straightforward disco house.  With an excellent ear for catchy disco samples and top notch production, Room 5 has crafted a solid half hour of disco fun.

2.  Daft Punk – Discovery


This is an obvious choice.  Daft Punk are the kings of dance music.  With mainstream influence and indie cool, Daft Punk has it all.  Cool robot helmets, mysterious identities, and of course awesome music.  This is an album I believe anyone, even the biggest haters, will fall in love with.  Every track on this album has single potential and it is 45 minutes of your life you will want to experience over and over again.

1.  Chic – Greatest Hits

Very Best of Chic

Whoa, Daft Punk at #2?  I realize how blasphemous that may seem, but Chic is the reason modern dance music exists in the form it does today.  Their work has shaped the other albums on this list and their samples actually appear in a few tracks.  It is impossible to decide the best album they have ever written.  However, every fan of modern dance and house music needs to be aware of their extensive influence.

What are your favorite dance albums?  Feel free to discuss in the comments below!  


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