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Duck Sauce!

The dance music dream team of A-Trak and Armand Van Helden have created some of the best house disco I’ve ever heard!  They work together under the moniker of Duck Sauce.  Strange name, but the music is sick.  Check out their EP, titled Greatest Hits and my personal favorite track below.  And no, this didn’t come out in the 70’s.


A-Trak’s Dirty South Dance 2 is Here!


Dirty South Dance 2

(Obey; 2010)

The wait is finally over!  Ever since I heard A-Trak’s original Dirty South Dance, I was a huge fan.  And then when I heard he had a follow-up in the works, you bet I was excited.  And, well, it’s here and it’s awesome!  Mixes including Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne, Ludacris and Kid Sister among others drop in a fashion only A-Trak could provide.  You can listen to the entire mix below.  Follow the link in the player for the FREE download.  Enjoy!

Kanye West Makes Us Stronger

Kanye West– Stronger (A-Trak Remix)


(Roc-A-Fella Records; 2007)

Kanye West is…well Kanye West.  Love him or hate him, he makes great music.  His beats are unmistakeable, and his rhymes are unforgettable.  Throw him as a guest rapper on a track and it automatically climbs to the top of the charts.  This happens for a reason.  The man knows what he’s doing.  Kanye West has changed the face of hip-hop and popular music as we know it.  Who has ever heard of a hip-hop artist wearing a suit and a bowtie?  The man exudes style, and it comes through in his music.  Now don’t forget that before his prolific solo career, Kanye West was an in demand producer, and still is.  He’s created hits for Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Ludacris, and Janet Jackson.  Yeah, he might act like an asshole sometimes, but the man’s a genius.  Enough said.  Oh wait, one more thing.  His music videos are sick!

I just want to say, why are other Daft Punk fans upset about this song?  It doesn’t make any sense.  This track is amazing.  Yeah, of course the original is good.  So is this.  They are two completely different songs, two completely different styles, and should be judged as such.  Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is a classic.  Kanye’s use of this sample is phenomenal.  Daft Punk cleared the sample for a reason.  Daft Punk played it live with him at the 50th annual Grammy awards for a reason.  Quite simply, because this track is hot.  I’ll admit it’s annoying when you hear people singing “Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger” and they think Kanye came up with it.  Well, enlighten them then!  But seriously, suck it up Daft Punk fans, Kanye killed it. And have you seen the music video?  Cassie is sexy as hell. Daft Punk is sexy as hell.  One of the best music videos I’ve ever seen.  But if you honestly thought I was going to waste my time posting a song as big as Stronger that everyone’s heard already, you’re crazy.  So instead, I present A-Trak’s remix of Kanye West‘s Stronger. Enjoy!

A-Trak is Throwing Some D’s on That Bitch

A-Trak – Throw Some D’s in Your Life

Dirty South Dance

(Obey; 2007)

Well, it looks like I found something that Canada has actually offered the world besides hockey and maple syrup.  A-Trak is one of the most talented DJ’s the world has to offer.  He was the first DJ to win all three major world competitions and he was the first DJ to win five World Championships.  He also won his first World Championship when he was only 15.  Wow!  He has also toured alongside Kanye West since 2004.  And he’s remixed the likes of Boys Noize, MSTRKRFT, Tiga, and Kanye West’s Stronger.  That’s quite a resume.

So, of all the absolutely killer tracks A-Trak has produced in his career, I’m going to go with Throw Some D’s in Your Life. A-Trak reworks a sped-up vocal of Rich Boy’s Throw Some D’s and perhaps one of the greatest Daft Punk remixes, Para One’s remix of The Prime Time of Your Life into one of hell of a party.  This is truly a work of genius.  This is one of the stand-out tracks off of his Dirty South Dance mixtape, which includes other samples from the likes of Lil’ Jon, LCD Soundsystem, Kid Sister, MIA, and Lil’ Wayne.  Definitely worth checking out in its entirety…if you can find it that is.  This mixtape was limited to only 5000 copies.  However, there are plans to release Dirty South Dance 2 sometime later in the year.  Get excited!

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