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Daft Punk’s Helmets Make Great Modern Art

I’m a pretty creative and pretty artistic person, or so I like to think.  Now it’s summer and I have a lot of extra time on hands that I don’t really know what to do with.  So, I thought, I’ll start painting again.  I used to do it all the time back in high school and ever since I graduated and started attending college, I just stopped.  For my first project I decided to honor the legendary Daft Punk.  Keep in mind I have a weird robot fetish and their helmets just look awesome.  I had a lot of fun making these, and I hope you enjoy them.  Until I started working on this project, I forgot how much I missed making art.  I think I’m going to keep it up.  Without further ado, “Daft Graffiti” (spray-paint on acrylic, 18X24 canvas):

First I used two 18X24 inch canvases, painted them with acrylic.  Pretty simple.  Then, based on two really great images from Whitewall magazine, I hand-drew the helmets on some basic white posterboard.  The next part was tricky.  I came up with all the shadows or where the underlying color (red or blue) was going to show through, roughly based on the great shadows and lighting already in the images.  Then I turned those into stencils.  I layed those stencils over the painted canvases and sprayed them with white spray paint.  I love when I can get a piece of art to come out exactly as I picture it in my head.  I was very happy with the result.  And I’m keeping the stencils.  So if you see some Daft Punk helmets appearing in some random places, it might have been me.


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