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Count to Four’s New Really Cool Website!

Count to Four


Check out this new up and coming band, Count to Four, with their awesome track Growing Up and Growing Beards. That little tape widget might be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.  Check it out!

Cool New Website!




Count to Four!

Count to Four


So, considering I had nothing to better to do today, I went and saw a show.  Mainly to support one of the very few friends I still actually keep in contact with from high school.  Their band, Count to Four, killed it tonight!  And I’m really not just saying that, despite my slightly homoerotic friendship with its lead guitarist.  They played four songs that I honestly couldn’t tell you the names to, but I liked what I heard.  This is far from my favorite genre of music, but I can definitely appreciate what they’re doing.  They just got back from recording their album in Detroit somewhere, and now they’re working in post-production.  I really wish them the best of luck and I’m excited to see what the future holds for one of my favorite bands, Count to Four!

Check out their myspace for FREE downloads:

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Expect to see their debut album, as of yet unnamed, drop within the next couple weeks.  Keep your eyes open!