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Follow Along With Girl Talk’s Samples!

I am a huge Girl Talk fan and half of the fun is trying to see how many of the samples you can recognize.  But what about the ones you don’t know?  I found this really cool website that lets you play the album while the list of samples appears in real-time in the sidebar.  Enjoy!

Ginger Ninja – Feed The Animals


Asher Roth, Matt & Kim, and Girl Talk

Asher Roth, Matt & Kim, Girl Talk

Live at The College of New Jersey

April 29, 2010

So, yes, there was no post yesterday.  This is because I was busy enjoying the stellar performances of Asher Roth, Matt & Kim, and Girl Talk.  First, I want to start off by saying, that The College of New Jersey needs to step its game up.  “Oh, I’ve never heard of Girl Talk.”  Wait, what?  You’ve never heard of Girl Talk?  What the fuck is wrong with you?  They were having a hard time selling tickets for the show and I’m going to estimate about 500 people showed up.  I didn’t really give a fuck because I was right at the front, and I didn’t look back very often.  Hopefully after this awesome show people will start to catch on.

Asher Roth started off the show, and I was skeptical to say the least.  I only knew one of his songs going into the show, which to be honest I don’t like that much anyway.  It’s a terrible misrepresentation of the college experience.  If only college was like how Asher Roth describes it, I wouldn’t be worried about finals and grades and my future and all that bullshit.  Anyway, he played the show like we were going on one of his “blunt rides”.  He was a great opening act and really got the energy in the place going.  I’ll admit, I had Asher Roth misjudged, and he proved me wrong.  I wasn’t sure why he changed the lyrics from “I love college” to “I love New Jersey” though.  I mean, we were at a college…

Next up was Matt & Kim.  I had heard their name before because they were in the lineup for Coachella.  However, I had never listened to any of their music before.  And let me just say, they killed it!  I have yet to download all their stuff, but I’m definitely a fan so far!  I didn’t really get a chance to focus on their music that much, because I was caught in the middle of a moshing swarm of sweaty college kids, but they were awesome.  I was aware enough to catch their covers of Better Off Alone and The Final Countdown, which were a lot of fun.  And Kim was pretty sexy up there banging on her drums.

And finally, the artist I came to see, Girl Talk.  My expectations for this show were huge!  I love his work and it’s the perfect musical representation of my undiagnosed ADHD.  I wish I could recall more specifically some of the mixes he threw out there, but  you know they were hot.  I stopped a few times in shock and actually turned to my friends to say, “Holy shit…”  He played a combination of new and old stuff, but I was singing / rapping the entire time.  What I love about Girl Talk though, is when he throws in that sample that everybody knows.  You get excited, cheer your ass off, and then look at your friends and start singing to each other.  This was one of the greatest $10 I’ve spent in a long time.  Well technically $30, because I bought a t-shirt.  So, in honor of this awesome concert before I have to buckle down for finals, here’s the track of the day from my man Girl Talk!  It’s the opening track of his most recent album, Feed the Animals. Enjoy!  And what the hey, a track from Matt & Kim.  And you know what, a little love for Asher Roth as well!

One Track, One Day on YouTube!

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