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Jamiroquai is Funkin’ Funky!

Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl

Travelling Without Moving

(Sony Soho Square, Work; 1996)

Jamiroquai is so funking funky!  That is the only way to describe this group.  They’ve been around a long time and have released six albums since 1992, and one compilation.  Over the years, the lineup of the band has changed numerous times.  However Jay Kay, the lead singer and songwriter (pictured above), and Derrick McKenzie, the drummer, have remained core members.  For the most part, they have not received much mainstream attention in the United States.  However their video for Virtual Insanity which consisted of some pretty mind-boggling, physics-defying special effects resulted in four MTV Video Music Awards in 1997.  Their song Canned Heat will also be recognized by many as the track that Napoleon jammed to in support of Pedro’s presidential campaign.  The track of the day is one of my personal favorites from Jamiroquai.  As I mentioned before, this is so funking funky.  “She’s just a cosmic girl, from another galaxy.”  And so is this track.  Enjoy!


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