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Daft Punk and Michael Jackson Will Robot Rock You

Michael Jackson– Billie Jean (Daft PunkRemix)

Since I’m new to this whole blogging thing, I’ve got to get my absolute favorites out of the way early.  And the greatest electronic act on the face of the earth, without question, is the prolific Daft Punk.  If given the opportunity I could write an entire novel on how amazing Daft Punk is, but I won’t do that.  They’ve really been the pioneers of the genre for the last 15 years and have continued to push the envelope in terms of music and live performance.

So, with Daft Punk’s extensive catalog of house and electronic classics, such as One More Time, Harder Better Faster Stronger, Digital Love, Around the World, Technologic, etc., I figured I’d go with something a little more obscure.  Daft Punk has created their fair share of remixes over the years, but the standout track by far is Daft Punk’s remix of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. One thing that sets Daft Punk apart from most other electronic acts, especially Homework era Daft Punk, is their unique use of percussion.  I’ve listened to this track somewhere between 20 – 30 times.  I’ve tried going back and listening to the original again and I just can’t do it!  If anyone could even come close to outdoing the great Michael Jackson, I’d hire the genius tag-team of Daft Punk.  And to be honest, I think they’ve done it.  Enjoy!


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