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Stevie Wonder Wishes You A Happy Mother’s Day!

Stevie Wonder – I Just Called To Say I Love You

(Motown; 1984)

So, in honor of Mother’s day I thought it would be fun to let my awesome mom pick the song of the day and this is what she came up with.  I hope you enjoy it.  Love you mom!

This song means alot to me.  When this song was released in 1984 , I was a junior at the University of Tampa and engaged to my husband.  We were VERY mushy with each other then (and sometimes still are!) and started singing some of this song’s lyrics to each other when we called each other on the phone.   We didn’t have cell phones with texting then, so we actually had to talk to each other – YIKES!  Anyway, we still, to this day, sometimes sing these lyrics to each other , which we changed  a little: My husband sings –  “I just called to say I love you.  I just called to say that I care.  I just called to say I love your red hair!  Hi baby!”  and I sing  the same except I sing “I love your thin hair.” at the end!  The song is also special to me because it mentions a wedding on a Saturday in June – we got married on a Saturday; June 14, 1986.  Twenty four years later we are still happily married and have two wonderful sons that I love being a mom to.  I hope you enjoy the song!


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