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The Best Daft Punk Album?

So…Daft Punk. Every electronic and dance fan worth their weight loves them. Daft Punk epitomize what every artist in the industry, regardless of genre, wants to be in their career. They have complete creative control, they’re indie cool, they’re mainstream popular, and they have a mind-blowing live show. Daft Punk’s live show could have honestly just been them pressing play on their entire discography from start to finish. They have the most prolific discography of any dance artist to date, not to mention their stellar solo work that they can pull from as well. So this is what I’m here to discuss. We’re going to totally skip over the debate of best dance artist, as this is indisputable. Which Daft Punk album is the best? That isn’t so cut and dry. So let’s get to work.

Let’s begin by eliminating Alive 2007, the recorded version of their live show. While mind-blowingly awesome, it really isn’t studio work. So we’re not going to include that one. Also, the Tron Legacy Soundtrack. Again, while a great step forward for film scores and a great piece of work, it’s not really a Daft Punk album, per se. So we’re skipping that too.

So what’s left is Homework, their debut released in 1997, Discovery, Daft Punk’s sophomore effort released in 2001, and Human After All, released in 2005. I’m going to work backwards and eliminate one first. Although still a stellar album despite some of the harsh reviews it has received over the years, I have to eliminate Human After All from the running first. While it has it’s standout tracks such as Technologic, Robot Rock, and the title track Human After All, the album as a whole is unfortunately lacking. A few tracks I could have lived without and it’s much too repetitive at times, even for a fan of house music like myself. However, re-contextualized within the Alive 2007 show, Human After All really shines as the star. Unfortunately, on its own, it is not the best Daft Punk album.

Okay, so this is the hard part. Daft Punk’s first two albums have been absolutely groundbreaking within the genre and for popular music in general. Let’s start with Homework. The album hits hard from start to finish, featuring the best collection of acid house tracks ever assembled. Da Funk became an instant classic. Around the World became an instant classic. The slick, breezy waves of Fresh. The ear-shattering synths of Rolling & Scratching. The thumping kick-drum of Indo Silver Club. The album perfects what already was, and innovates in ways never seen before. Daft Punk’s production techniques were a decade ahead of their time. So, all in all, pretty good review.

Next, Discovery, Daft Punk’s second album. From the opening seconds of One More Time, until the closing seconds of Too Long, Discovery produces single after single. One More Time is perhaps the most popular dance track of all time. Aerodynamic brings a whole new meaning to the use of guitars, if that is even a guitar they used to get those sounds. Digital Love. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, a hit in and of itself and samples of it were used by Kanye West to birth another hit single. Crescendolls. Nightvision. Superheroes. High Life. Something About Us, with its sexy jazz lounge vibe. Voyager, with one of the greatest basslines I’ve ever heard besides Around the World. Veridis Quo. Short Circuit. Face to Face. And of course, Too Long. Every single track on the album has single potential. The songs make you want to dance, they’re accessible, they hit hard, and they sound fun. Through the use of an unbelievable ear for samples, expert production, and a desire to make people dance, Daft Punk have created a masterpiece.

So, which album is the best? The winner goes to Discovery by a nose. Although all of their work is phenomenal, Discovery stands out as the best purely for its accessibility. Homework takes a few listens to grow on the listener, especially if you’re new to the genre. Discovery, on the other hand, will have you dancing from start to finish right from the first listen. And then, after you’ve listened to it on CD over a hundred times, get the album on vinyl and your mind will be blown all over again!

What do you think? Which Daft Punk album do you like best? Should I have included Alive and Tron in my reviews? Or should we start from the beginning and debate if Daft Punk is really the king? Comment below!


5 Dance Albums You Need to Hear

These are the five albums, at the moment, that I think everyone needs to listen to.  Don’t forget to follow the links to preview the tracks!

5.  Mylo – Destroy Rock & Roll

Destroy Rock & Roll

Super smooth, and sexy.  Perfect for a lazy afternoon by the pool.

4.  Cassius – 1999


This album is an experience in the artistry of sampling.  This album is meant to be enjoyed from start to finish.  However, if you must I recommend “Feeling for You” and “Foxxy”.

3.  Room 5 – Music and You

Music & You

This album is a perfect example of solid, straightforward disco house.  With an excellent ear for catchy disco samples and top notch production, Room 5 has crafted a solid half hour of disco fun.

2.  Daft Punk – Discovery


This is an obvious choice.  Daft Punk are the kings of dance music.  With mainstream influence and indie cool, Daft Punk has it all.  Cool robot helmets, mysterious identities, and of course awesome music.  This is an album I believe anyone, even the biggest haters, will fall in love with.  Every track on this album has single potential and it is 45 minutes of your life you will want to experience over and over again.

1.  Chic – Greatest Hits

Very Best of Chic

Whoa, Daft Punk at #2?  I realize how blasphemous that may seem, but Chic is the reason modern dance music exists in the form it does today.  Their work has shaped the other albums on this list and their samples actually appear in a few tracks.  It is impossible to decide the best album they have ever written.  However, every fan of modern dance and house music needs to be aware of their extensive influence.

What are your favorite dance albums?  Feel free to discuss in the comments below!  

Adam Young of Owl City writes a song for Taylor Swift

So I’m not too big on the whole celebrity gossip thing, but I’ll admit, I’ll take any interest in a new Owl City song regardless of the reason.  So apparently, Adam Young and Taylor Swift met backstage at some event and Taylor wrote a song about him.  So, Adam Young responded with this, I must admit, pretty cute response.  Enjoy!  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Black Eyed Peas are still stealing samples.

They somehow manage to make really shitty versions of others people’s styles, but because they have major record label support, they manage to get their tracks into the charts.  Fucking lame.  The specific track I have in mind is Dirty Bit.  On top of the stolen drums and two note synth, they can’t even write their own vocals and settle for shitty remake vocals.  Fucking lame.  Here’s a video of Deadmau5 ripping on the Black Eyed Peas.

Like I said, this isn’t the first time either they’ve been caught:

I can’t leave you without some good music, so here’s Deadmau5’s remix of Medina’s You and I, the track the Black Eyed Peas illegally sampled.


New Louis La Roche! Number One!

We’ve got ourselves a nice little preview of a new track from a bright new star in the dance scene.  He’s mastered the 90’s house sound and I hope he can help spur the sound back into the mainstream.  This dirty electro sound is cool and all, but it’s getting pretty old pretty quick.

And an extra helping of Louis with his new remix of the classic 90’s house track, I’m Alive by Stretch & Vern.  Let’s party like it’s 1999!

New EPIC Daft Punk sample!!!

Go to this site:

Click the main logo on the screen to continue to the site.  Click on the edge of the screen, outside the highlighted boxes.

Type in “derezzed”

Listen to EPIC clip!

Get fucking excited!!!

Daft Love Mix! (Updated)

So a while ago I posted a mix I made based on a few Daft Punk love songs.  Well I liked it so much (I did make this primarily for myself) I expanded it.  It’s now two hours long!  I also cleaned up a few of the transitions.  The new and improved “Daft Love” mix!  Lots of Daft Punk, Louis La Roche, and French house love going on, enjoy!

And the sweet cover art was designed by my friend Chris.  It turned out ten times better than anything I could have done.  Check out his music and art blog, Catchy as a Cactus!

Download The Mix Here!


1. Charlie Chaplin’s “The Barber Speech” – The Great Dictator (1940)

2. So Much Love to Give – Together

3. Together – Together

4. Love – Louis La Roche

5. Push The Feeling On – The Nightcrawlers

6. Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough – Michael Jackson

7. Chord Memory (Daft Punk Mix) – Ian Pooley

8. Indo Silver Club – Daft Punk

9. Spinal Scratch – Thomas Bangalter

10. Vertigo (Virgo Edit) – Alan Braxe

11. Unplugged – DJ Falcon

12. Distant Lovers – Louis La Roche

13. Music Sounds Better With You – Stardust

14. Fresh – Daft Punk

15. On The Floor – Louis La Roche

16. You Don’t Know Me – Armand Van Helden

17. Peach – Louis La Roche

18. Rhumba – Le Knight Club

19. Boogie Shell – Le Knight Club

20. Soul Bells – Le Knight Club

21. Nymphae Song – Le Knight Club

22. If You Give Me The Love I Want – Le Knight Club

23. Sunshine Hotel – Louis La Roche

24. Easy Love – MSTRKRFT

25. Cross the Dancefloor – Treasure Fingers

26. Honeymoon – DJ Falcon

27. In My Arms – Mylo

28. Untitled – DJ Falcon

29. Get On Down – Louis La Roche

30. September 99 – Earth, Wind, & Fire

31. Get Down On It – Kool & The Gang

32. Life Is Sweet (Daft Punk Mix) – The Chemical Brothers

33. Beating Hearts (Louis La Roche Remix) – Ocelot

34. Voyager – Daft Punk

35. Little Red Corvette – Prince

36. Something About Us – Daft Punk

One Track, One Day on YouTube!

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