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Adam Young of Owl City writes a song for Taylor Swift

So I’m not too big on the whole celebrity gossip thing, but I’ll admit, I’ll take any interest in a new Owl City song regardless of the reason.  So apparently, Adam Young and Taylor Swift met backstage at some event and Taylor wrote a song about him.  So, Adam Young responded with this, I must admit, pretty cute response.  Enjoy!  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Owl City Makes Me Happy!

Owl City – Hello Seattle remix

Ocean Eyes

(Universal; 2009)

So I’m just trying to relax on a Sunday night before I have to get back to work on Monday morning.  And Owl City’s music just tends to make me happy.  Owl City a.k.a. Adam Young, began writing songs in his basement to deal with his insomnia.  The songs started to catch fire on MySpace and he was later signed to Universal Republic.  His first major label debut, Ocean Eyes, gained mainstream popularity and saw his single Fireflies reach #1.

The track of the day is his remix of Hello Seattle, which was offered as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of his album Ocean Eyes. This synth-pop offering is so fun and catchy.  Regardless of how you’re feeling, this track is just going to make you happy.  It’s that simple.  Enjoy!

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