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Simian Mobile Disco Brings The Beat

Simian Mobile Disco – It’s The Beat

Attack Decay Sustain Release

(Interscope; 2007)

Simian Mobile Disco is a UK based production and remix team.  They initially began as a DJ duo that accompanied the two other members of their original band, Simian.  However, they seemed to be garnering more attention from their remixes of others’ work including Muse, Klaxons, and Air.

The track of the day is the lead single off of Simian Mobile Disco’s debut album Attack Decay Sustain Release. This track, It’s The Beat, features very simple production but like the title suggests it’s a damn good beat.  They manage to craft a series of beeps and blips into a memorable song, and they managed a kick-ass video to boot.  Enjoy!


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